About Us

As The Derby Runner is a specialist running store, we cater for all levels of running, ranging from jogging for fitness to serious marathon running and from track and field athletics to fell running.


Established in 1988 by local athlete Pete Calladine and his wife Christine, The Derby Runner is one of the original running-specialist retailers in the UK. Rob Jefferies and his partner Elaine Walker now own and run the business, although Pete and Christine remain closely associated.

The Idea of The Derby Runner has always been simple: to provide customers with good personal service and advice on every aspect of running.

We provide a shopping experience long since lost from the high-street ‘sports’ stores. With knowledgeable, experienced and friendly staff, we are able to offer detailed information on all our products.

Meet the Team

Rob – Rob has worked at the shop since 2000, became a partner in 2006 and sole director in 2014 . Rob has run from a very young age. A national standard middle distance and x-country runner with personal bests of 1min51s/800m, 3mins47s/1500m, Rob has also covered some of the longer distances, including running 70mins for a half marathon. Now into his 40s and competing for Team Derby Runner, Rob invests his the same dedication into running the shop, as he once did training and competing!

He has a degree in exercise physiology & biomechanics and an interest in recent research related to running and fitness. He is best known for his advice and technical knowledge of ‘all things running’.

Elaine – Elaine has officially worked at The Derby Runner since  2016, although, being Rob’s partner she has helped out in the shop and at events for nearly 20 years. Elaine began running in her early 20’s and soon found out she was pretty good at it; Going on to run 35 mins for 10K and competing at several national chamionships and an Olympic trials.

Elaine, like Rob. invests most of her energy into family and work life nowadays. Meaning that her running is primarily for health and well being. She has a great knowledge of track, road and cross country running  and a huge enthusiasm for helping others to enjoy their running.

Dave – Dave has worked at The Derby Runner since 2001. He has completed more than 45 marathons and now on the more experienced side of 65yrs old, has no plans of stopping yet. Dave only started running in his mid 30’s to get fit and stop smoking. He has since gone on to run a best marathon time of 2hrs48mins at the age of 47, as well as completing three Ironman triathlons since turning 56.

Dave has completed marathons and other races around the UK and abroad. Including 3 marathons in 3 days, various 3-peaks challenges, and much more. You may have even seen Dave on TV, as he was a contestant on BBC 2’s “SAS; Are You Tough Enough” a few years ago! Dave also runs his business Team Tours Travel, based at the shop.

Carolyn – Carolyn joined The Derby Runner in 2005. Having started to run in her mid 30s as a new challenge, she fell in love with the sport and the sense of personal achievement that came with it. She has completed 3 London marathons and various others such as Windermere and Mablethorpe. Carolyn enjoys all types of running, but especially ultra-distance events (such as winning the Long Eaton 50 mile race) and fell running.

Freely admitting to being a non-elite runner, Carolyn particularly understands the demands of fitting in her running with work and every-day family life. She is best known for her bubbly personality and keen interest in all types of running.

Carolyn is also a fully trained sports-bra adviser, so please feel free to request a discreet conversation if you need some advice from her.

 Chris –Chris –Since joining The Derby Runner in 2014, Chris has been an integral member of the team. Chris started running in 2000, after signing up for her first 5K Race for Life, and her love for running and challenging herself grew from there. From starting her first 5K in 2000, Chris now runs marathons and ultra marathons and has just completed her first 50 mile event this year! Running for fun, Chris favours off-road trail and fell runs and often plods near the back, but loves it nonetheless!