| FLOW | MINI Massage Gun


A lightweight, ultra-portable & powerful handheld massager for anybody, anytime, anywhere.

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Product details

  • Customise your massage with four interchangeable massage head attachments.
  • Powerful yet ultra quiet brushless motor.
  • Stylish, highly ergonomic design, perfectly balanced. Lightweight yet robust. Less than a kilo.
  • Long lasting battery life, 3 hours of use, over a week’s typical usage.
  • Calibrated for optimal frequency, amplitude and torque across 4 modes.


  • Flow MINI
  • A/C Wall Charger
  • Soft Carry Bag
  • Stickers
  • Operating Guide
  • 4 Flow Heads:
        1. Medium – Made with closed-cell PU foam, this forgiving non-porous and hygienic head is perfect for all over the body use and more sensitive areas.
        2. Fork – Perfect for the spine, lower neck and achilleas’ tendon along with major muscle groups like the calves and quadriceps.
        3. Bullet – It’s small diameter is perfect for focused muscle treatment, to pinpoint trigger points and work them away.
        4. Hammer – The jack of all trades head, the hammer is designed for overall body treatment and larger more dense muscle groups.