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Master the mud in the MUDTALON SPEED, a shoe built for running fast over soft-ground trails and muddy hills. Building on the worldwide success of our iconic X-TALON and MUDCLAW ranges, the MUDTALON SPEED brings together the best of both to take grip, comfort and performance to new levels.


INOV8 Mudtalon Speed (Precision fit) Women’s


Featuring our trusted STICKYGRIP™ outsole, the MUDTALON SPEED has 8mm long lugs for gouging through mud. Uniquely positioned, these talon-like lugs then release the mud just as quickly. Our STICKYGRIP™ rubber will also cling to wet rock, giving the ultimate grip for hill, fell or mountain running.

The shoe has the perfect blend of cushioning and bounce, provided by a super-light POWERFLOW PRO midsole foam that works in combination with the BOOMERANG footbed. This amazing underfoot comfort and propulsion is built in such a way to still allow for the ground-feel you need when running over uneven, hazardous terrain.

Protection is also built into the MUDTALON SPEED. A new flexible rock plate and toe guard protect you from sharp rocks and hazard, without restricting your foot in any way.

The brand-new anatomical shape of the MUDTALON SPEED hugs the natural contours of your foot, locking in at the heel and widening at the toes for a secure, comfortable feel. Built into that we have two new specific fits for MUDTALON SPEED – Precision Fit and Wide Fit. The biggest difference between the two fits is the width at the toe-box, with the Wide fit being wider.

  • Go Precision Fit if you have narrow feet or like a closer, more secure feel. It allows for greater nimbleness and agility when running and contouring over steep or tricky terrain.
  • Go Wide Fit if you have wider feet or like an extra comfortable feel with more wiggle room for toes. It allows for greater comfort when running longer distances, when toes can often swell.
  • Fly fast over boggy ground or rocky mountain paths in the super grippy MUDTALON SPEED. A shoe for fast paced training and racing.

INOV8 Specifications:

  • Category: Neutral
  • Terrain: Fell / Trail
  • Heel-toe drop: 8mm
  • Lug Depth: 8mm
  • Midsole: POWERFLOW PRO
  • Midsole Stack: 26mm / 22mm
  • Shank: Dynamic FootBed
  • Sole Compound: STICKYGRIP™
  • Product Weight: 260g / 9.17oz

The drop of a shoe is the difference in height between the heel and forefoot. The greater the drop, the steeper the angle between your heel and forefoot.

For example, when barefoot, the heel and forefoot touch the ground at the same level: drop is 0. At the other end of the scale, when wearing high heels, the drop is much greater.

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We are living in a climate emergency. Vague pledges by countries and companies are meaningless. We as a team are committed to playing our part and taking action.

Since 2003, when Inov-8 was founded, we have pushed ourselves to be sustainable in all of our working practices. However, relying on good intentions wasn’t enough to fully understand Inov-8’s role in the climate crisis. So, in 2020 we developed a Sustainability Strategy, in partnership with Dr Anne Prahl, an expert at the forefront of sustainable workplaces and design. This guides every aspect of what we do, and you can read more about our Mission statement and Sustainability Pillars below.

During 2023 we are reviewing this strategy, measuring a full company carbon footprint, and investigating ethical and transparent recycling and reuse solutions – amongst other exciting actions! We can’t wait to share our progress with you in our first Sustainability Report in 2024 – watch this space.

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