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The Bearing Tee uses a 4 way coolplus stretch fabric to create a technical tee that is high wicking and allows a free range of movement on the go. The raglan sleeve and flatlock seams minimise rub points across the back and shoulders while thumb-loops hold everything in place. Polygiene anti-bacterial and odour control create a technical tee that cares for your skin even in high intensity activity and multi day racing.

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High wicking 100 polyester fabric

Bearing uses a double layered Polyester fabric knitted to create a mesh with excellent wicking properties. Removing moisture from the skin is essential for comfort and safety when on the hill. Moisture is a great conductor of heat and our bodies sweat to cool and regulate our core temperature. Great while being active but at rest you want keep that heat while you plan your next move; put up your tent or enjoy a cup of tea on the finish line. Dry skin also experiences less friction than wet skin so reduces rub.

Polygiene anti-bacterial and odour control

Swedish company Polygiene are leading in garment treatments that prevent the build-up of bacteria on clothing and skin. This benefits skin health by preventing surface infections and also removes unpleasant odours created by bacterial breakdown of sweat.

Not a pleasant subject but we all sweat; this regulates temperature, lubricates the skin and washes oils and dirt out of our pores. Unfortunately, this also provides everything bacteria wants to multiply. Polygiene uses Silver ions (which naturally occur in nature) to prevent bacteria multiplying. This is a two-pronged attack interrupting the genetic programming of the bacteria and also preventing them producing more cell surface which they need to divide in two.

Raglan sleeves

Raglan – A slightly more expensive way of constructing a garment that allows for removal of the seam on the top of the shoulder that can rub on a backpack.


  • Weight: 170g
  • Material: Coolplus Polyester / Polygiene antibacterial treatment

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