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First developed in 1973 to a specification set by Olympian and later London Marathon founder Sir Chris Brasher The Classic was the first pack to look at weight as a key part of a bags functionality. Now in this latest iteration The Classic balances weight accessibility on the move comfort (at all speeds of movement) and multi-function componentry.

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Features and benefits

This is the pack that just works. Perfect for an OMM but also at home on something easier like the MDS UTMB Spine Race Dragons Back Grand2Grand 4 Deserts Fire Ice Ultra Everest Camino.
It just does everything really well. Its a Classic.

  • Endless comfort and stability – Geometrically built to be stable when running on hills. The Classic has a closed cell EVA padded shoulder harness specially constructed without side seams to allow the pad to follow the body;s natural contours. The waistbelt can be used to move weight onto the hips with heavier loads or removed for a faster lighter shoulder carry option. The Classic back padding is the EVA Duomat.
  • Visible quick storage – A good Mountain Marathon team will take advantage of the all round stretch mesh pockets on the Classic. They stash their quick access kit such as waterproofs food water in their partners pockets so they can run behind and select what they like. For the rest of us this means easy to reach stretch side pockets that will easily hold two bottles each and a rear stash for dirty trainers after a run or anything else that can stand a bit of weather. The lid strap can be moved to attach at the top of the pocket for even more stretch volume. Up front the waistbelt pockets total 2L capacity and have key clips so phones compasses favourite goodies- itll all go in.
  • Adapt the pack to your needs – Designed both for 450 mile solo expeditions and daily training. The Classic pack comes with a variety of attachment points depending on what kit you need to take. Add the Chest Pod and front bottle holders for multi day ultra racing. Or for winter ascents ice axes or walking poles can be attached to the gear rail when needed. Strip off the Duomat back padding and the waistbelt for a super light dash bag.
  • Bonus items – sleep mat waistbelt two pegs included – One way to cut weight is to make components multi-functional. Experienced competitors dont see an empty rucksack in their tent but instead extra warmth for feet or padding as a pillow. OMM does the same with its design so the Classic includes the Duomat fold out sleep mat which is your back padding and minimal sleep insulation (but also a great seat for a picnic or when you are waiting for a helicopter pickup from a glacier. The removable waist belt can be used on its own without the pack to carry your essentials on a Fell race or 5km and the pegs that attach it all together are two less you need to carry to put up your tent. Or remove them all and be floaty light.
  • Extra features:
    1. EVA padded shoulder harness
    2. UGR – Universal Gear Rail
    3. Large rear dump pocket
    4. Zipped pockets on lid and belt
    5. Speed opening buckle system
    6. Removable waist belt pockets
    7. Stretch mesh side pockets
    8. Removable Duomat back pad/sleep mat


  • Capacity: 25 litres
  • Weight: 365g
  • Fabrics: Nylon 210T TPU reinforced Nylon

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