Road Running trainers are usually what people are searching for when it comes to buying Running Footwear; Road Running shoe are best suited for running on paths and pavements and out in the streets; however, they can also be used for Footpaths, Canal/River paths and gravel/stoney paths. These trainers can also be used in the gym on a treadmill, for exercise classes and for general gym exercise. For your first pair of trainers it is important to have a full video gait analysis conducted in person, after this you should get checked every couple of years to ensure the trainer type are still the correct type for you.

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A Trail Running trainer is also referred to as an Off-Road trainer; the difference between these are Road Running trainers is usually the different outsole GRIP; in a Trail Running trainer the grip usually consists of deeper rubber lugs which are designed to provide traction in softer ground types, therefore they're designed for muddy fields and paths, wooded forrest paths, rocky off road surfaces and exploring all areas of the countryside. They also come with a more reinforced upper material to deal with the rougher terrain and in some models are waterproof to keep feet dryer during walks or runs.

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A Speed/Race day trainer is a more specialised shoe to be used for faster runs and training/tempo sessions but its main use is for Road Racing events, the evolution of speed shoes has led to a highly responsive shoe, which contain the best "super foams" to provide higher energy return from each stride. Racing shoes also usually contain within the cushioning a plate to aid and assist the foot with heel to toe roll and push off in the stride; the plates can be made of Carbon (most common), Nylon, Fibreglass or PEBAX but all with the same aim of helping you achieve your best result on Race Day!

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This selection of running shoes is specifically designed for running and field events on an Athletics Track, or Full off-road Cross Country racing. Spikes are designed to be as lightweight and stripped back as possible to ensure runners can be as fast over their racing distance. The stand out feature to this footwear is the spikes that screw into the bottom of the outsole and come in various lengths, they allow for enhanced grip on the track surface or the muddy fields, which again helps runners maintain grip at high speeds.

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