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Breathable fleece beanie using PRIMALOFT ACTIVE.

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Close fitting beanie utilising the revolutionary PRIMALOFT ACTIVE insulating fabric. With minimal pack size and weight, it can be easily stowed until needed. Combine with a windproof layer such as waterproof cap or hood to effectively trap body heat.

PRIMALOFT ACTIVE Blurring the line between wadding insulation and fabric Primaloft ACTIVE loosely weaves Primaloft s industry leading insulating fibres through a fine polyester mesh. The resultant structure is warmer and less than half the weight of a conventional fleece product – Down like performance when dry whilst also still performing when wet.

Lightweight and packable

At just 18g and packing down to less than a handful, the Core Beanie can be stowed and carried in any vest, pocket or pack.

Warm when wet

PRIMALOFT ACTIVE retains its insulating properties even when wet, perfect for mixed conditions.

Air permeable

When not under a shell, the PRIMALOFT ACTIVE fleece is entirely air-permeable, allowing excess heat to be easily shed, making for great versatility during varied output and changeable conditions.


  • Weight: 125g
  • Material: Primaloft ACTIVE

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